Sunday, May 10, 2009

6 pm - 7 pm
Thursday Evenings Outdoors (Weather Permitting)

May through September

Lower Manhattan, New York City

In the Northwest corner of Battery Park

(Within the fenced Labyrinth area)


By subway:

1 to Rector Street—exit at front, walk south and cross Battery Place to Battery Park
1 to South Ferry—walk north through Battery Park

4 or 5 to Bowling Green—walk west along Battery Place to the Labyrinth for contemplation

By Staten Island Ferry:

After you have disembarked at South Ferry Terminal, walk Northwest through Battery Park. Or walk along State Street to Battery Place, turn left and walk to West Street.


A Friends Meeting for Worship is an hour-long silent gathering of expectant waiting where people sometimes stand to speak when clearly moved, in the “Light.”

A Friends Meeting is also an organized community of people who seek the Truth together.

Quakers are known for their tolerance and respect for others’ beliefs. Quakers feel that what one believes or calls God is not as important as the practice of seeking God.

The unifying aspect of the Quaker Meeting is that Friends believe there is “that of God” in each of us, sometimes called “the Seed of God.”

With the hectic pace of everyday life, Quakers feel that by sitting in silence to seek the Spirit or the “Light of Christ,” they open themselves and the Seed of God within them to receive that “Light.”

Still not sure? Come to our Friends Meeting. Sit for an hour and experience the Light for yourself!